Senior Spotlight Gabriella Colon

Gabriella Colon


Town: Beverly

(Christ the King)

Sport: Lacrosse

College: Arizona

State University

“Play to win, have fun, positivity, grit and respect: the five core values of Marist girls lacrosse.

“We as a program hope to play, practice and live by these values not only throughout the season, but, hopefully, carry them with us into our future. Even without an official lacrosse season this year, our team has been practicing those core values from home.

“From the beginning of the stay-at-home order, the captains and coaches from all levels implemented ‘The RedHawk Games’ to ensure girls were improving their stick skills and staying in shape for a future season. Each level was split into a Red and White team. Every week, the captains sent out new challenges for the girls to complete.

“They have ranged from physical challenges such as longest plank time, fastest mile or most steps throughout the week to more lacrosse-related challenges like who can get the most reps in wall ball, quickest footwork or best stick trick.

“The grit and positive attitudes the varsity girls have shown have trickled down to the freshmen/sophomore team. I can’t express how inspiring it has been watching everyone improve over the course of these last few months. Seeing every single girl in our program exceed the expectations set for her by embracing the core values only excites me more to think of what an amazing year this would have been for the program.

“I cannot wait to see what these girls accomplish next year. Not only am I proud of our amazing players, but our team has been extremely lucky to have the best coaching staff there is. Coach Topps, Coach Holder and Coach Colon have believed in the program and in us since Day One.

“Their unbelievable support, strength and optimistic attitudes have prepared us to endure through tough times like these. I honestly would not want to play for anyone else and am so glad I was able to finish my lacrosse career with them.

“The legacy and foundation Marist girls lacrosse is building and will be unbreakable because of the incredibly passionate, hard-working coaches and gritty, resilient and positive players. I am so honored and proud to be a part of the foundation and paving way for future success.”