Tobias Sample Senior Spotlight 1.jpg


Town: Chicago

Sport: Track and Field/Football

College: University of Illinois

“This spring and the coronavirus I think have definitely impacted the high school seniors and people around the world. 

“Many of the senior plans were canceled, like trips and prom. That was hard to swallow. Also, I feel like the transition from the class to computer has been a little rough. I think most seniors can attest to that, but under the circumstances, we understand we have to adapt.

“The big thing overall is the amount of people dying [from the virus]. The death total is high, and it is going to grow if people don’t abide by the rules set up for us to get through this.

“Overall, however, it really has not been all bad. I feel that some people needed some time in the house. I have been using this time to self-reflect and maybe do things that I am not used to.

“In the fall, I will attend the University of Illinois-Champaign. This was a dream school of mine. I can’t wait to play with the Illini in their stadium.”