Senior Spotlight Harty

Kyra Harty

St. Laurence

Town: Beverly

(St. John Fisher)

Sports: Track & Field, Basketball

College: North Central College

“Being a senior during this time has been really difficult for me and my [twin sister Grace]. Not only are we missing out on our last months of being high school students, but we are also missing out on being high school athletes.

“There’s nothing that high school students want to do more than finish out their last few months and graduate. Sadly, that has been taken away. With everything being canceled, seniors don’t want to believe what’s happening.

“If we were in school, we would be doing senior activities, senior luncheon, breakfast, prom, lock-in. These are the memories we want as seniors, not the ones where we are stuck inside without seeing our friends. Personally, it makes me really upset, but it hasn’t entirely dawned on me yet. The fact I won’t return to St. Laurence to finish out my last few weeks with my closest friends is unbelievable to me. Every year, I’ve made so many close friendships that I knew it was going to be hard to leave.

“I was the most excited for my senior track-and-field season. We had a lot of new athletes join the program who I was very good friends with. Thinking that I’ll never be able to run with them is devastating.

“At this point, I have a lot of fear, fear of the unknown. What’s summer going to look like? Will I start my fall semester at North Central? Will I have to stay home and carry on studies from there? These aren’t the things I want to worry about. I want to look back on these days with a smile, not a frown or tears.

“However, this quarantine has taught me a lesson: I shouldn’t take things for granted. Like every teenager, I dreaded getting up early and going to school some days. We don’t always like school, but we don’t always hate it. This makes me regret the times I said I didn’t

want to go to school.

“Now, I want to be there more than ever. I want to be running with my team. I want to be competing. I want to be in the classroom with my classmates and teachers. I want to be doing the things I took for granted.

“I’m still trying to live life to the fullest. I talk to my school friends every day. I have classes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I go on walks with my family and work out in my backyard. I wish I could view doing these things as normal, but it is nowhere close to normal. Perhaps, this is what our society needs.”