Senior Spotlight Nicholas Currier

Nicholas Currier

Br. Rice

Town: Mt. Greenwood

Sport: Lacrosse

College: Bradley University

“Beginning with my first lacrosse game in a youth league at Beverly Park through my last high school game at Br. Rice, I’ve always had the goal in mind to have a good season and play better each day.

“I was very disappointed with the cancellation of this year’s lacrosse season. This would not only have been my 10th year playing lacrosse, but also, my final season.

“Lacrosse is the highlight of my year. The Br. Rice team prepared in the offseason as much as we could. We fought through morning workouts with Coach Luke Wolf. We made it through the beginning of practices with Coach Dan Tieman’s drills and Head Coach Chris Hilliard’s plays. Our team was more prepared than ever for this season. We practiced every day including Saturdays.

“The team had our last practice right before quarantine, and we had a team meeting planning to discuss when we would play again. We had hoped that this pandemic would pass, and we would be able to step on the field at least one more time. After confirmation that seniors would not have an opportunity to play again, many players reached out to each other thanking them for their leadership, friendship and being a great teammate. Although the seniors will be gone next year, it is great to know that the team will be just as we left it, if not better.

“As one of the team captains, I want to thank my teammates both past and present for an amazing time and opportunity to play with them. It is one thing to play the game, but having a family play with you is like no other feeling in the world. I wish the team the best going forward and for the seniors continuing their education, good luck.

“I want to thank the coaches I have had over the years, but especially Coach Chris, Coach Luke and Coach Dan. Together, the coaching staff has done so much for the Br. Rice program throughout the years, including bringing the sport to Br. Rice. As a young team, it’s incredible to see the progress we’ve made. Our coaches have reached out to check in on all of us during this pandemic. They know much the seniors wanted this season.

“When you play for so long and are told you can’t have your last season, you start to crave just one more goal, one more shot, one more pass, one more team huddle, one more practice, one more team dinner, anything and everything you can get. The truth is, it’s more than just the game. It’s always been that way.

“Our teammates are our family. We all want what’s best for every one of them. Now with the seniors parting ways, it’s important to stay positive. We can now watch as those after us suit up and work hard just as we did.

“I’d also like to thank all the parents who have been there to support us, including those who were in the press box at games. Parents do so much for us and want to see us play the game we love. I hope and pray that we can all make it through this tough time together.

“It’s important to stay strong not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones who may need it.”