Mt. Carmel

Gomez is a 5’8” senior defender for the Mt. Carmel soccer team. He has played on the varsity since late in his freshman season. Gomez is a Cicero resident and St. Procopius Elementary School graduate. He has not committed yet, but he hopes to play soccer in college.

Any thoughts on your fall season?

“I’m thinking about it a lot. I’m worried with the rules and what could change if we’re going to play. I really hope to have my senior season. That’s the most important year, to have the most impact. I think we will play. The season may be a little delayed, but we’re hopeful and ready to do our best.”

Mt. Carmel was upset by Lincoln-Way West in a rain-soaked regional final last year. How tough was that to handle?

“It hurt a lot. It was our first team in a while that didn’t make it past the regional. We thought we had a team that could make some big moves and go downstate. My junior class, seniors this year, it impacted us in a big way to do a lot better and change everything this season.”

How did you stay busy during the quarantine?

“I’m not a video game guy. I usually get bored pretty quickly. I tried to get out as much as I can, get to a field and put a touch on the ball. I did bike rides around the neighborhood and worked with my family in the backyard with renovations. Cut the grass, help my dad build something, my mom with the gardening. I’ve always been a pretty handy kid. I get bored being inside too long.”

Have any hobbies?

“I’ll watch YouTube, social media, but I really like to sketch and draw. It was a good way to pass the time. I started in fifth or sixth grade and have grown to like it. I like to draw cartoons, Rick and Morty, Spongebob Squarepants, Mickey Mouse, the Simpsons.”

Are you a big “Rick and Morty” fan?

“I am. I didn’t really like the new season, though. It took forever to come out. My favorite episode is where Rick turns into the King Rat, the Pickle Rick episode. Loved that one.”

What’s your go-to pizza place?

“Usually I go to Paisans [Pizzeria & Bar]. There’s one right down the block from the house, and there’s another one not too far. I like Chely’s Pizza, too. I’m a pretty boring guy. I usually just get pepperoni.”

Do you follow professional soccer?

“I like the European leagues more. In my opinion, it’s much better quality soccer. I like the way they play. It’s so much better. My favorite is La Liga, and my favorite team is Barcelona. I like Neymar and Philippe Coutinho.”

Why is soccer your favorite?

“I love to play. Being able to work with my teammates, it’s a super big thing. The way you get along, it’s really nice. Soccer players playing together and playing well, it’s just fun to be out there.”

Who is your celebrity prom date?

“I’d say Kylie Jenner.”

Where’s the coolest place you’ve visited?

“My family doesn’t travel a ton. We usually travel for my club soccer games and tournament games. As a family, we have visited Columbia twice. That’s where my mom is from, and she has family there, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. We went last year and were going this summer, but the coronavirus ruined that.”

What was the coolest thing you saw in Columbia?

“We do tourist and family stuff. We visited a lot famous places, the well-known food and all that. We went to La Piedra del Penol. It’s this huge rock and tons of stairs. You get to the top, and it’s such a nice view of Columbia.”

What are you most looking forward to for your senior year?

“Just being a senior and leading the team. My freshman year, we had such good leadership, guys like Josiah Ash, Cesar Cosio and Gio Vargas. They were great. I really like our tournament in Iowa, too.”