Teachers strike ends

Supporters of the CTU and SEIU Local 73 strike rally outside Clissold Elementary School on Oct. 18. Both unions reached tentative agreements with the city, and classes at all Chicago Public Schools are scheduled to resume on Friday, Nov. 1. (Review file photo)

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 73 strikes are over.

Both sides have reached new deals with the city, and classes at all Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are set to resume on Friday, Nov. 1.

The CTU House of Delegates agreed to a tentative new contract on Oct. 30 but still continued its strike the next day, claiming teachers wanted the school days missed during the work stoppage to be made up at the end of the year.

The strike spanned 11 school days, and both sides agreed on Oct. 31 to make up five days.

Members of SEIU Local 73 who work in CPS had joined the CTU in striking and stayed on the picket lines even after they reached a tentative deal on Oct. 27.

The strikes began Oct. 17. Charter schools and contract schools remained open for class.

The CTU still has to ratify its contract; SEIU Local 73 members who work in CPS ratified their contract on Oct. 30.

SEIU Local 73 members who work in the Chicago Park District also nearly went on strike on Oct. 17, but they agreed to a last-minute contract.

The work stoppage reeked havoc on many student activities, including athletics.

Several CPS sports teams from schools that employ CTU members were unable to play in the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) postseason, including in golf, soccer, tennis, cross country and volleyball.

Football teams who earned a spot in the postseason will be able to play—barely.

The IHSA requires that any time a football team doesn’t practice for seven or more days, it must hold three days of practice before competing again.

Affected CPS teams play Saturday, Nov. 2, and even with the strike still going on, CPS allowed teams to host practices on Oct. 30, with non-CTU coaches leading the workouts.

The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences (CHSAS) and Morgan Park High School (MPHS) are both scheduled to play Nov. 2, with CHSAS at Kewanee High School and MPHS at East Louis High School.

The longest CTU strike occurred in 1987 and spanned 19 school days.

The CTU also went on strike in 2012 for seven school days.

The CTU held a “day of action,” similar to a strike, in April 2016, and nearly went on strike that October before a last-minute deal was made.

An updated version of this story will appear in the Nov. 6 issue of The Beverly Review.