BI regatta

Teams competed for a chance to take home one of three titles and season pool pass vouchers at the Blue Island Park District’s ninth annual Cardboard Boat Regatta held on Aug. 9 at Memorial Park Pool.

There’s no better way to wind down the summer than with a summertime favorite.

On Aug. 9, the Blue Island Park District hosted its ninth annual Cardboard Boat Regatta—an exciting mix of duct tape, cardboard and competitive spirit.

Hosted at Memorial Park Pool, 12804 S. Highland Ave., the regatta saw more competitors than ever. Fifteen teams competed for a chance to take home one of three titles and season pool pass vouchers.

With so much at stake, this year’s competition was tough. Participants arrived full of confidence in their boat-building skills, which were subsequently validated.

The boats weren’t the only strong point of the regatta. Tom Schoder, of Tom’s Auto Warehouse LLC, arrived early to swim laps and even competed in the two classes of racing. In a last-minute upset, Tom’s Auto Warehouse took the Business Class and Family Regatta victories.

While strength was a clear focus, beauty was not lacking. Many well-decorated ships were displayed. The Blue Island Park District lifeguards constructed a Lightning McQueen boat, and Eagle’s Bowling Alley returned with its popular black-and-white striped kayak.

In the end, Bob’s Team, a non-business competitor, took Best Boat in Show with its crowd-pleasing design.

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