Donna Mae Sekulski

Donna Mae Sekulski

Donna Mae Sekulski will turn 100 years old on Aug. 1.

Sekulski was born on a farm in Michigan in 1920. She was only four pounds at birth, and the doctor gave a prognosis.

“Don’t bother to dress her,” the doctor said, “because she won’t live.”

The baby was dressed and placed in a shoebox with cotton and hot water bottles, and Sekulski lived.

She grew up in rural Michigan with her mom, dad and four sisters. The family lived in boxcars as her dad worked for the railroad. Sekulski recalled that her mom fixed up the boxcars to look like a cute little cottage. Almost everything they ate came from their land, including fresh chickens, milk from cows, and fruits and vegetables. Her mom canned much of the produce for winter.

Sekulski attributed her amazing health to eating lots of fresh food.

“I ate organic before it became popular,” she said.

Astonishly, Sekulski said she has never had a headache. When asked how she feels, she often has a simple reply. “I don’t have an ache or a pain.”

Sekulski lived in Michigan until she married Joe Sekulski and moved to Chicago. Donna and Joe raised seven kids. Sekulski now has a large extended family including many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Sekulski is loved by everyone—family and friends, both young and old. She has lived a long, wonderful life and still enjoys spending time with all the people who love her.