State Rep Kelly Burke

State Rep. Kelly Burke

State Rep. Kelly Burke (D-36th) will fight to reform the property tax system and deliver relief for local families as a member of the newly created Property Tax Relief Task Force.

“I have consistently fought for real property tax relief for our area, and this task force is a reflection of the urgent need for a fairer system,” said Burke. “There will be numerous bipartisan solutions that will be brought forward from this task force, but I want to make sure that local residents, especially seniors, get their fair shake, too.”

Burke voted to create the Property Tax Relief Task Force by passing Senate Bill 1932, which created the Property Tax Relief Task Force. The measure was recently signed into law, and Burke was chosen to serve on the bipartisan panel.

Within 90 days, the task force will produce a report outlining structural and legislative reforms that will provide immediate and long-term tax relief for homeowners.

Burke also backed Senate Bill 39, which is the Illinois Property Tax Relief Fund, where eligible homeowners will receive rebates to offset their property taxes.