The Givins Castle

The Givins Castle. (Review file photo)

“Folklore and Phantoms” will explore paranormal happenings and ghost stories on the Blue Island Ridge on Friday, Oct. 25, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the Givins Castle, 10244 S. Longwood Dr.

The event is co-sponsored by the Ridge Historical Society (RHS), and the presenter will be Carol Flynn, RHS researcher/writer, who has collected close to 50 ghost stories from local residents.

“I am not a ghost hunter,” said Flynn. “I collect these stories more as urban folklore. The point of this event is not to prove if ghosts are real or not, but to hear about some of the experiences people have had.”

Flynn said she has been surprised at how many people have shared stories with her, which she keeps in confidence because most of these come from private residences. She shares stories in a general way—except for places that have already received public attention, such as the Castle.

“The Castle has had ghost stories attached to it at least since the 1920s,” said Flynn. “We’re going to look at those and discuss what people have actually reported versus what has just become urban myth.”

The second hour of the event will be an open mic for people to share their own stories. Flynn said many people have requested this as a continuation of a program in October 2018.

Tarot card readings and astrology readings will also be provided for those interested. Refreshments including beer, wine and appetizers will be served.

The cost is $15 per person, and proceeds will benefit the Castle Restoration Fund to help with preservation efforts. The Givins Castle was built in 1886-87 and is showing the effects of age and needs repairs to its turrets.

Reservations are required, as this event will fill up quickly. For more information or reservations, call (773) 881-1675 or email