BAC summer camp

Campers enjoy outdoor fun at the Beverly Arts Center (BAC) summer camp. The BAC will offer in-person and virtual camp options this summer. For more information, call (773) 445-3838 or visit the website at

The Beverly Arts Center (BAC), 2407 W. 111th St., will offer hands-on learning this summer with an on-premise option for its annual Summer Arts Camp from July 6 to Aug. 28.

The in-person option is in addition to the virtual camps available for children ages 6 to 12.

The BAC Summer Arts Camp allows campers to explore their creativity while preventing summer backsliding. Using experienced teaching artists, campers will receive hands-on instruction in art, dance, music, theater and film. Each session presents a theme, such as superheroes, science or Broadway, and engages children to discover their inner artist.

In order to comply with local and state guidelines, stringent health and safety measures will be implemented to ensure a clean and sanitized environment for each camper. Safety measures to be used include the following:

•All classrooms will be sanitized before camper arrivals and after campers depart each day.

•Bathrooms will be sanitized every two hours.

•Campers will be divided into age groups. Each group will be given its own room in the BAC.

•Age groups will be limited to six campers ages 6-7 and nine campers ages 8-12 per group.

•Age groups will be given a different entrance and exit to the building and path through the building to avoid inter-group mingling.

•Outdoor breaks will occur. Only one age group at a time will be given an outdoor break to prevent inter-mingling.

•All campers must wear a facemask to camp each day and have a back-up mask in the camper’s backpack. Gloves may be worn if desired and must be provided by the family.

•All campers must pack a lunch, snacks and a drink each day. These will be kept in a cooler in the camper’s room and will not be intermingled with other group’s lunches.

•Campers will be kept at least 6 feet from each other at all times.

In-person camp will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The cost is $450, $405 for BAC members.

Virtual summer camp runs Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., through Aug. 28. Cost is $150, $135 for BAC members, with an additional $20 supply kit.

For more information or to register, call (773) 445-3838 or visit the website at