Pottery Boys Clay Studio

Works by 11 artists, including Keith Herbrand, will be on display at an open house at The Pottery Boys Clay Studio in Blue Island on Aug. 17

Pottery Boys Clay Studios, 13201 S. Western Ave., in Blue Island, will host its annual open house on Saturday, Aug. 17, beginning at noon.

The open house will feature pottery-making demonstrations and an array of work from 11 local artists including Glenn Woods and Keith Herbrand – Crystalline Glazed Pottery and Clay Jewelry; Paulette Stobinske – Paintings and Drawings; Mark Vancura – Mosaics; John Brudeck – Photography; John Giemazick – 2-D Artist; Diana Godbout – Painting; Brian Garay – Oil Painting; Robin Rios – 2-D Artist; Charles Moesch – Painting; Bridget Scales-Fennessy – Painting and Ceramics and Chuck Michaels – Painting.

Demonstrations will be conducted by potter Glenn Woods from noon to 5 p.m. Gallery hours are noon to 9 p.m.

All artists will be present to discuss their work, which will be offered for sale.

The gallery opening is co-sponsored by the Pottery Boys Clay Studios and the Blue Island Arts Alliance. Representatives of the alliance will be available with information about its mission to bring local artists and local art patrons together to help organize, plan, and execute events that celebrate the work and performances of local artists.

For more information, visit PotteryBoys.com