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A grand finale is nearing, and local residents will surely be ready to bid them farewell in glorious fashion.

The committee that runs the Beverly Breast Cancer Walk (BBCW) is retiring after this year. The final walk under its watch will take place at 8 a.m. on Mother’s Day at Ridge Park.

The old saying goes, “All good things must come to an end,” but that’s not the case here. While the energetic group of women won’t spearhead the walk in 2020, the impact of their efforts will live on.

Since 2002, the BBCW has raised over $6 million for Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park. The hospital has been able to purchase new technology and hire new staff to combat breast cancer. The walk also created a crisis fund to help patients in financial need pay bills or buy groceries so they can focus on beating cancer. Committee members also help organize a “sister walk” in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Even if the sun isn’t shining, it is hard to find a more beautiful event in Beverly than the BBCW, when the neighborhood goes all out to decorate. Committee members are always quick to praise residents for supporting the walk. It is truly a community effort.

Because they are busy working at Ridge Park, many committee members don’t walk through the neighborhood on Mother’s Day. But they will this year for a farewell tour, and the route will go by the homes of all committee members living in Beverly/Morgan Park.

Many committee members have been friends for decades. Some are cancer survivors. Some have lost loved ones to breast cancer.

All of them have smiles on their faces on the morning of the walk, arriving at Ridge Park before dawn. By the time 8 a.m. rolls around, a palpable energy fills the park.

Committee members said they were happy with the walk leveling off at 14,000 participants in recent years because the park and neighborhood doesn’t get overcrowded.

However, they won’t complain if a few more people attend this year.

Pre-walk registration continues on Wednesday, May 8, and Saturday, May 11, at LCMH. Registration is also available the day of the walk at the park.

Although one facet of the walk is ending, the neighborhood will never forget the countless hours the committee volunteered on behalf of others.

Job well done, ladies.