Letters to the Editor

In talking with friends and family about our support for Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, we sometimes hear a variation on the following:

“I like her, and I like her plans; but, I just don’t know if she can win.”

We like Elizabeth, too—and we know she can win.

We believe this country is ready for a fearless leader with moral clarity, which is why we’re voting for her in the Illinois primary on March 17.

Senator Warren cares about the issues that are important to our community. She supports unions’ collective bargaining rights and pension protection; her Social Security plan gives $2,400 more a year to current and future beneficiaries; and her health-care plan will protect people with pre-existing conditions, reduce prescription costs and provide free care to children and people living in poverty.

A 2-cent tax on the wealthiest one-tenth of 1 percent will pay for these plans and protect middle-class families like ours. Economic justice is at the core of her campaign, especially her fight to close the racial wealth gap and end the discriminatory housing practices that have plagued our country.

With plans like these, it’s clear that Warren can win. All she needs is votes.

She’s got ours. We hope she’ll get yours, too.

Anne Alt

Kathy Benson

Leah and Russ Chibe

Sal Campbell

Jen Claypool

Robbie Yata

Andrea Durbin

Pat Odom

Erin Feurer Taylor

Stacy Gilmer

Mary Harkenrider

Steve Yokich

Emily Lambert

Tim Looney

Maria Moser

Lauren Moynihan Skerritt

Mirjam Quinn

Hubbell and Jeff Radue

Angela Robertson

James Kman

Yolanda and Nick Shields

Anna Snaarwaas

Paul Mulchrone

Erin Shea Smith

Scott Smith

Donna Milord-Somerville

Luke Somerville

Indre Vepstas

Maura and Erik Wallenius

Marie Whitney

Rick Baiker