Letters to the Editor

Running a small business has required versatility, now more than ever.

My husband and I run a small public-affairs firm, and COVID-19 has kept our team from being together much over the past six months.

Still, we needed to hold a planning retreat and wanted an affordable space, near transit so that folks could get there easily, and with enough room for us to be properly distanced. Thankfully, another small business was the versatile answer we needed.

Pizzeria Deepo, well known as a dinner spot at 1742 W. 99th St., proved to be a great place for a daytime retreat.

Owner Karlie Hernandez rented us the space, and she let us turn her walls into our whiteboards, bring in snacks and champagne (BYOB!) and take over the back patio for an early dinner where veryone was served individual pies.

We enjoyed a full day there. Knowing that we were supporting a young business owner also made everyone feel good.

I hope this encourages other Beverly-area business owners to not just shop locally but to retreat locally, too.

Kimberley Rudd