Letters to the Editor

Cutting off the nose to spite the face, never in my life have I seen optimism and the greater good be criticized and ignored.

I will not start out this critical letter off by praising the obvious. I did not go to marketing school (insert any liberal or .com university here).

President Trump was painting a rosy picture for the scared citizens (propagated by the Democratic National Committee [DNC]), and yet, he is criticized. I thought optimism was an encouraging trait.

The great and wonderful Oz says social distancing is working. I recommend you look to his career and past actions.

In reference to the highest office in the land and a small-town mayor, like that small-town mayor, Trump knows the devastation this lockdown will cause. A previous viewpoint (April 15) mentioned “sixth-grade science” knowledge about our president. Funny, do we turn to science when it benefits our argument?

Religions of the world would have some explaining to do. Wearing a mask is detrimental to the human body. What do we humans produce and breathe? The “sixth-grade” comment, I see, should refer to one ripping up an official document for the whole world to see. Wonder if Nancy Pelosi’s behavior trickles down into society and creates an anti-authority image?

It’s OK not to listen to authority? Since the effects of a lockdown are minute (lack of education, abuse at home, no money, no food, no home, suicide, procedures shelved, children with too much time on hands, etc.), then it’s OK.

They say we are at war. They say stay inside; it’s the science. They say it will all be OK.

It won’t! Lives are being destroyed so that one group can regain power.

We looked the other way with sending our young men and women to foreign lands to die. Remember, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

I will die today so that my children have a future! And yes, I couldn’t wait for Easter morning, hoping to find an egg with a special prize.

I am truly saddened by all the loved ones lost and all the pain this coronavirus has caused.

Moving forward, if we continue to be blinded by the DNC, I will be hoping to find that egg so I can cook and eat it.

Jim Gavin