Letters to the Editor

Have you ever given any thought to what happens to your water when it goes down the drain or what happens to your waste when you flush the toilet?

In most of Cook County, it ends up at one of the seven water-treatment plants where the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) processes wastewater. 

These reclamation plants are run by dedicated professionals including plant operators, engineers, pipefitters, laborers, machinists and so many others—all working together at MWRD reclamation plants across Cook County.

The hard-working frontline workers are also supported by many other staff members who continue to ensure that our wastewater is cleaned and that our environment is protected.

MWRD essential staff, like other essential workers, come in and perform their duties despite the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Contact with other workers and the water-reclamation process increases their odds of contracting the virus. 

While the MWRD takes many precautions to reduce these risks for staff, the threat still remains for them while they perform their responsibilities to help keep our fresh drinking water supply safe.

So, the next time you wash your hands, flush the toilet or drink a glass of water, take a moment to remember the MWRD staff who are working to protect our water, our communities and our environment.

We thank them for all they do every day for the residents of Cook County.

Kimberly Neely du Buclet

MWRD Commissioner