Letters to the Editor

In response to “Responsibility, the key to true freedom in the U.S.” (Letters, April 29), Guillaume Beaulieu, you are so right.

Without responsibility, it does lead to chaos.

For example, our own Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Gov. J.B. Pritzker have demonstrated that lesson all too well. Look at the unnecessary chaos they have created in our broke and completely mismanaged city and state.

Not only have they stomped on our Constitution and ignored our civil liberties, they think they can now dictate and bankrupt over 40 percent of our small businesses, hospitals, dentists, chiropractors, “personal grooming salons” and many more “non-essential” businesses.

Please, before I go on, let me preface this with the fact that I respect and value 100 percent the life of each and every health-care worker and peripheral worker on the front line. As a retired firefighter of 25 years and an emergency-room tech at MacNeal Hospital, I am fully aware of the sacrifices many have made to save our lives. I am forever grateful to each and everyone who has done an outstanding job.

I am also a past owner and operator of many small businesses, and I am someone who really cares about our people, community, city, state and country.

However, many people are voicing their disagreement through protest because they, too, don’t like the chaos that has occurred while our politicians have disregarded many laws.

I agree that protestors were too close to each other and should have left their long guns at home. However, they exercised their freedoms and wanted to express their dissatisfaction while they still can.

Apparently, people are no longer happy with our electoral system and are trying to find ways to change that. Mail in voting or show no identification, that doesn’t invite fraud and chaos?

Regarding our president who you so freely criticized, he’s the one who placed a travel ban from China on Jan. 31 and was criticized. He is the same president who mobilized hospitals, personal protective equipment, ventilators and a 1,000-bed ship to New York as well as helping other hard-hit hotspots. It was because of municipal leaders’ failure to prepare that allowed such chaos.

The criticism of our president has been beyond all disrespect that I have ever witnessed. He is one of the few people still defending the Constitution and protecting and defending our country.

News flash, China hates the United States and wants us on our knees. Had our economy not been the strongest it’s been in history, with the highest rate of employment and more minorities working than ever before, we may not have sustained our way of life through this horrific pandemic.

In wrapping up this letter, explain to me how a small florist cannot open for business, but people have been buying flowers from grocery stores and big-box stores all along.

Additionally, he has responded to small businesses and citizens via stimulus grants and loans. Bottom line, all businesses need to get back to work sooner than later. That is what those “disrespectful” people were protesting for.

It’s all backwards. You can have abortions, but not get your bad back adjusted. You can buy a TV, or anything under the sun, but not responsibly socially distance at church, a small cafe, retail store, restaurant, bar and more.

Let’s all be part of the solution, not the problem.

I hope it is still OK to say, “God bless America!”

Loretto M. Coogan