I was deeply troubled by U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush’s letter (Aug. 14) in which he blamed Ivanka Trump for exploiting gun violence.

He then proceeded to exploit gun violence for his own political purposes.

He suggested that Ivanka was trying to distract “from the fact that the shooter in El Paso had an affinity for her father’s divisive policies and rhetoric.”

He failed to mention that the shooter in Ohio had an affinity for U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat. I don’t believe either the president or the senator are to blame, but Mr. Rush condemns using divisive rhetoric by using divisive rhetoric.

His public feud with Ivanka has only to do with politics.

Seventy-two people were shot that weekend, and no on can polish that turd. The “feud” is a distraction from Rush’s own failure. He has overseen the destruction of the west side of Chicago for decades. His policies and his radical anti-police approach have been a disaster.

Let’s not forget, his Black Panther Party declared open war on the police in the 1960s and were responsible for shooting and murdering Chicago police officers.

The distraction and exploitation are coming from Mr. Rush.

Steve Majka