Letters to the Editor

This is in response to the letter to the editor (Sept. 2) about the sign at a local bar.

Apparently, the author is offended that pro athletes are portrayed in the message as less important than are police officers. In actuality, they are.

I haven’t seen any pro athletes, in the midst of the rioting, looting and general mayhem, protecting the lives and property of the citizens of our country, but I have seen police officers being beaten and hit with flying debris and frozen water bottles, among other things.

The sign said nothing about pro athletes being black, or white, so why try to make it a racial statement? We certainly do not need more of that rhetoric in a highly emotional time in our history.

I’m sure there are great athletes in our world as well as great police officers who give of their service everyday, no matter what the circumstances.

As far as the windows being boarded up, that is probably called being prepared for what may come. I’m sure if there were a vaccine before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many would have received it to “be prepared.”

If the author is ever in need of police services, like being in imminent danger, don’t call a cop; call a pro athlete.

W.R. Hughes