I went to the office of 19th Ward Ald. Matt O’Shea on Western Avenue the other day, and I asked the two young men in the front office whether the city was making any progress fixing potholes.

The conversation ended up with them telling me that they need a specific address for a pothole to be repaired and that officials don’t have time to do a survey of all the potholes in the ward.

I found the exchange remarkable and sad.

Lest you assume you’re hearing from a crank, let me state right now that I think O’Shea is doing a lot of good for the ward. And, he surely has many competing priorities, quite a few no doubt that are more urgent than potholes.

Nevertheless, I encourage him to pull some strings with the street department. I can’t imagine it would take more than a day for two employees to locate the 50 worst potholes in the ward—one driving while the other records on a smartphone.

In the meantime, I have informed the ward about six axle-breakers that my car found on the way to the store this afternoon, including the most egregious pothole, in the inner southbound lane of Western Avenue—in front of the ward office.

David Lauryn