Letters to the Editor

This is a mayor?

I’m guessing how the situation at U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush’s office played out during the recent protest and looting in that area.

“Hey, Mayor Lightfoot, Bobby here. Do you mind sending a dozen or so uniforms to my office? I just picked up a new big screen and a recliner, and I would hate it if my constituents tore them up.”

The response, I’m guessing, was something like this.

“Sure, Bobby, no problem. I’m leaving the majority of the city to be burned and pillaged, but for you, no prob.”

How did police officers get into Rush’s office? Did they use the new democratic access key, a rock? Surely, they were let in.

If looters had any intention of damaging that office, the minute they peeked in, they’d be walking away, which for the police would be a job well done.

Then, I see our unappreciative mayor on the CNN news show “Anderson Cooper 360°.” I first thought, “Great, she’s being called out for using thug language” toward President Donald Trump and 15th Ward Ald. Raymond Lopez.

To my dismay, CNN, so sad, she was actually criticizing our residents in blue.

The nerve to criticize those police officers when I am sure that it was her directive that had the officers in that office and it was her directive to let people run wild in the streets.

But, no, a camera reveals officers relaxing, and that gave the mayor the perfect opportunity to tell citizens that the police are letting them down again.

That is hogwash! It’s despicable how she shows disrespect to the people who are in the hardest job in the land. These officers, everyday, leave their families to protect ours, and this is the support they receive?

To my dedicated police officers who can do no right for their minor-league mayor, there are many wonderful towns in the big USA; find one that will hold you in high esteem, which you deserve.

I believe many police officers would agree that musician Johnny Paycheck said it best, “Take this job and shove it!”

Jim Gavin