Letters to the Editor

Life at Smith Village has changed dramatically over the last 50-some days, in step with the rest of our country.

From day one of the quarantine in our individual apartments in March, when I saw Smith Senior Living CEO and President Kevin McGee delivering lunch door to door, I knew we were in good hands.

Kevin, Smith Village Executive Director Marti Jatis and all of the amazing, compassionate and up-beat Smith Village staff have been keeping our vulnerable population safely cocooned, entertained and impeccably informed during the current crisis, assiduously using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Illinois Department of Public Health and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid as their constant guides.

While Smith Village has faced serious COVID-19 challenges, particularly in its skilled-care wing, management and staff have done a near-miraculous job of containing the situation. Within 12 hours of each development, the facts were shared with residents and families, along with plans going forward.

Communication back and forth has been free-flowing and fully transparent.

As we watch the news and see how poorly some senior and rehab facilities have handled themselves, we are deeply grateful for the great difference in our own experience, and we cannot thank Kevin, Marti, the Smith Village board and the staff enough.

Linda Lamberty and Marilyn Stone