City officials recently strained credulity at the townhall meeting at Morgan Park High School.

Water Commissioner Randy Conner claimed the city’s policy regarding water-meter installation is voluntary.

It may technically be, but the alternative is to pay at least double to avoid the risk of increased lead in our homes.

Public Health Commissioner Julie Morita was even worse. She extolled the virtues of the city’s successful policies toward reducing the risk factors regarding lead paint. However, the doctor refused to acknowledge that installing water meters can itself be a risk factor.

She did admit that the city has reduced its own liability by requiring homeowners to sign a waiver before they can get a water meter installed.

Most telling was when a young mother of two expressed her fears. Neither 19th Ward Ald. Matt O’Shea, Conner nor Morita would publicly advise her to have a meter installed.

Steve Majka