Letters to the Editor

On March 17, I voted for Marie Newman for Congress.

I did so for a number of common-sense reasons.

U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski tried to make this a single-issue race, styling himself as the “common-sense Congressman,” so I feel it is appropriate to list the common-sense reasons that I voted for Newman over Lipinski.

First, Lipinski voted against the Affordable Care Act (ACA). He was, in fact, the only Illinois Democrat who did so. And, this vote was, in my view, a common-sense reason to reject Lipinski.

The ACA allowed 45 million Americans to get health insurance coverage, including many with pre-existing conditions.

Second, Lipinski voted against a bill to require businesses to offer paid sick leave to their employees. At this time, with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the country, paid sick leave would, like the ACA, provide an extra layer of protection for American workers.

Third, Lipinski rarely held town-hall meetings, preferring to meet with local officials for endorsements rather than meet with the voters he claimed to represent. For a member of Congress who claimed to represent the district, he certainly avoided meeting any of his constituents.

So, for these reasons, my common sense told me to vote for Marie Newman.

Bill Beaulieu