I was so pleased to read the response from Bill Walsh (Letters, Oct. 23) regarding the disrespect shown by dog owners to the tribute to not only Chicago’s firefighters but also to our monument to 9/11.

I walk by the park twice a week and am astonished at the disregard that dog owners have for this restful monument to the firefighters. I’ve observed five to eight dogs at a time in this park, on several occasions unleashed, tearing around, defecating on the grass and the 9/11 monument itself.

The dogs are not leashed, although the city sign indicates they should be.

In order to take a water break at the fountain, I’ve had to ask permission to enter the park. And on more than one occasion, I’ve been met with unfriendly, surly and reluctant responses, i.e. comments to the effect of “Make it snappy” or “You’ll just have to wait,” along with angry eye contact, etc.

This park/memorial is well maintained for the sole purpose of the firefighters’ sacrifices, not for a dog park.

Julie Davis