Whether the Trumps are willing to apologize (Our Opinion, Dec. 11) has nothing to do with the issue.

I’d like to hear how you justify unethical behaviors just because everyone else does it. Great world we’d live in if we all felt the way that you apparently do.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you think Pamela Karlan’s comments were acceptable. What Professor Karlan appreciated after mockingly referring to Barron Trump was one important point that you conveniently omitted. Barron Trump had no role in the impeachment issue, and it has been tradition that political families are left out of the fray.

Curious if you would have felt the same way if the Obama girls were creatively mentioned when it came to the college admissions scandal. Just like they had nothing to do with one, Barron Trump had nothing to do with the other.

As to Greta Thunberg, she and her organization have made her a public figure. She is now Time Magazine’s person of the year. So because she’s 16 years old that makes her free from criticism or above the fray?

No one decided to pick her out of a crowd and decide that she is fair game. She has become the face of a political movement that, like it or not, is still somewhat controversial.

Ed Ryan