While I don’t have the quick wit of my father, the doctor, or the eloquence of my brother, the father, I wanted to publish this overdue heartfelt thank you.

You would have to hear the words coming from my mouth to really understand how grateful and humbled my family and I are for the outpouring of respect and gratitude you’ve shown to our beloved dad, Dr. Jack Hurley.

I’d like to especially thank Beverly Review Editor Kyle Garmes for his article, and our longtime family friend, Bill Figel, as well as The Beverly Review, for past commentary.

I had a pretty good idea from moving Dad’s case files to a new office a few years ago that he had a lot of regular patients (over 11,000).

I know that he delivered generations of babies who also had babies he delivered. I know that many of those patients along with his beloved second family, the staff of Little Company of Mary Hospital, braved the cold and lined the route Dad took from our home on 112th and Campbell to 93rd and California for one of his last “rounds.” (He took Talman to 103rd over to California then north every day for over 50 years.)

For those of you who know me, you’d say that this is just a cheap way of getting out of sending a few thousand thank-you notes—and you’d be correct.

Seriously though, I cannot begin to express the deep gratitude and love I have for this very special neighborhood.

Thank you.

Joe Hurley