Letters to the Editor

Local officials are failing to honor their elected duties.

The legislative branch of government is meant to be a counterbalance to the executive branch. This was the genius of our Constitution, guaranteeing that too much power would not be in one person’s hands.

We now live in a state run by fiat as the governor imposes whatever he deems necessary upon its citizens. He alone decides which businesses will be allowed to operate, while millions are ordered not to receive a paycheck.

Our local senator and state representative seem to not be in agreement, or at least fail to offer any pushback. Worse yet, our alderman voted to clip the City Council’s own wings. The council voted to surrender all spending powers to the mayor alone.

This unprecedented and dangerous act is legislative malfeasance. It risks the mayor imposing unlimited spending on her own radical agenda with no council to act as a backstop.

Basically, our elected officials have voluntarily ceded powers to one branch of government, leaving us with no voice.

Steve Majka