In another victory for the public’s right to know, the U.S. Justice Department is expected to release the Mueller Report—at least a redacted version of the report—to Congress on April 18.

At about 400 pages, the report will reveal what was discovered during the 22-month investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into potential collusion between President Donald Trump and Russian officials during the 2016 presidential election.

A four-page summary of Mueller’s findings was released in March. It stated that Mueller found no criminal conspiracy and did not reach a conclusion about the issue of obstruction of justice.

Attorney General William Barr said the investigation did not exonerate Trump.

The president and his supporters called Mueller’s and Barr’s conclusions a victory, but skepticism has remained.

No one should hope that the president of the United States colluded with a foreign power, but everyone deserves to know as much information as possible about what occurred. Information that will be redacted reportedly includes grand jury information, classified information and ongoing information.

Fair or not, Trump has seemingly dealt with unrest every day of his presidency. The more the public knows, the better the chance the country can move forward in the right direction.

Trump has brought plenty of criticism upon himself for his international relations, including being complimentary of Russia President Vladimir Putin and North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

With Trump obsessed with winning, it’s easy to understand why the public would have doubts about whether he would refrain from working with Russia to interfere with the election.

However, people should wait until the report is released to formulate their latest opinions.

Trump took to Twitter, as he often does, to express his anger on the Mueller Report being released, saying it “was written by 16 Angry Democrats who also happen to be Trump Haters (and Clinton Supporters).”

He said they “should have focused on the people who SPIED on my 2016 Campaign, and others who fabricated the whole Russia Hoax.”

Insisting again that there was no collusion, he contended the investigation only took place because of “Dirty Cops, Dems and Crooked Hillary.”

Perhaps, a reading of the report will give citizens some insight on those comments.

Certainly, the nation will know more on April 18. And no matter what the report says, the U.S. will be better off.