Fourth of July will arrive again with a divided United States of America and citizens clashing over race and politics, among other social issues.

Some may say that on July 4 everyone should just get along and celebrate the wonder that America still is. However, that doesn’t solve any problems. At the least, it just ignores them for one day.

The best way to celebrate our independence is to debate more intellectually, to listen more and to read more. Speak to people in a way you want to be spoken to, or in a way that you want people to speak to your loved ones.

Running in the 2020 presidential election are 24 Democratic candidates and two Republican candidates, for now, which means that Americans will be hearing from a lot of politicians until November of next year.

Every candidate will be nitpicked to no end—but that’s part of the deal in running for president.

The Democrats should be able to find a candidate to challenge President Donald Trump. We hope they don’t just criticize each other to the extent that Trump sits back and laughs as he prepares to use those criticisms against the Democratic nominee.

If the Democrats want to win, they need to fight Trump’s fire with their own fire— but in a manner that is firm and tactful.

Allowing a field of 24 candidates doesn’t seem like a wise approach—it limits the amount of time the viable candidates have to speak, and it shows a lack of direction. That number should be whittled down in the near future.

Some citizens have shown their political feelings in the wrong way. A server at a Chicago restaurant allegedly spit on Trump’s son, Eric, on June 27. Although some folks don’t care for the president and his family, spitting on someone is, as Mayor Lori Lightfoot said, “repugnant.”

Acts of that nature only generate support for Trump.

Lightfoot said she doesn’t agree with many things that Trump stands for, but “You cross the line when you assault someone.” Trump has admitted to doing things that certainly crossed the line, but childish behavior should never be tolerated.

Over the next year, Americans need to evaluate carefully the president, the plethora of Democratic candidates and Republican challenger William Weld, former governor of Massachusetts.

Building an informed opinion is the best way to celebrate Independence Day.