The moment that everyone knew was coming, whether they thought it was justified or not, arrived on Dec. 18. President Donald Trump was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Trump is the third President to be impeached—following Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998—and the first to be impeached during his first term.

Trump was charged with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress after allegedly withholding aid to Ukraine unless its officials investigated Joe Biden, a Democrat running against him for president next year, and the Biden Family’s dealings in Ukraine.

It was no surprise that the U.S. House, with a Democratic majority, voted in support of the move.

The U.S. Senate—which has a Republican majority—will conduct a trial to decide Trump’s fate when—and if—the House sends the articles of impeachment.

Many experts have predicted that Trump will not be removed from office because of Republican support in the Senate.

Once again, times are tense in our country. Critics of the impeachment will say Trump’s opponents have unfairly been out to get him since his surprising win in November 2016. They also believe the proceedings will help him win again in November 2020 because his voter base will be even more enraged.

Supporters of impeachment contend that Trump sold out his country and is not fit to be president—for many reasons.

If Trump were to be re-elected after being removed from office, politics will only grow more tense and this country more divided.

It’s understandable that emotions are running high, but civility needs to reign.

Of course, some people have already tossed civility aside. A radio host in Denver said that “a nice school shooting” would be a welcome interruption from all the impeachment coverage. Consequently, Chuck Bonniwell, of 710 KNUS, was fired from his job. His wife and co-host, Julie Hayden, quickly cut him off after his offensive remarks, urging him, “Don’t say that.”

Bonniwell added that he wanted it to be a shooting in which “no one would be hurt,” as if that would be OK.

His comments add to a long list of inappropriate remarks that have been spewed lately. There is absolutely no place in society for Bonniwell’s comments.

With such comments, public figures continue to cause us to question their behavior and character. Intelligent citizens know the importance of civility.