Our Opinion

After the mass shooting at a beloved restaurant in Morgan Park on Aug. 30, it’s natural for local residents to experience emotions such as sadness, fear and anger.

Awaiting answers to questions about the shocking crime that killed a man and wounded four victims only adds to the anxiety.

However, as is typical for this community, compassion has also been on display for the victims, the first responders and the staff of the family business where another public health crisis in 2020 has unexpectedly impacted their lives.

Lumes Pancake House, 11601 S. Western Ave., re-opened on Sept. 2. In talking to a reporter, an employee expressed her condolences to the victims with genuine sadness in her voice.

Serving the community since 1994, Lumes has many loyal customers and nearby neighbors who share the emotional pain felt by the owners and staff. As the Rev. Donovan Price said, Sunday brunch at Lumes is a staple of local life.

One way that local residents can demonstrate a measure of compassion for Lumes is to place an order. Fortunately, that measure can be enjoyed in quarts; delicious homemade soup from Lumes is a longtime favorite of several local journalists.

Lumes is also known for its wide selection of menu items. It offers outdoor dining, and indoor dining is provided at 25-percent capacity due to COVID-19 guidelines.

A sign outside Lumes promotes carryout and curbside pickup, another reminder that it’s easy to help a business that is an integral part of the commercial strip near 115th Street that has seen successful developments in recent years, including the Morgan Park Sports Center.

In their search for the five suspects who opened fire on patrons, Chicago Police Department (CPD) officials released photos and videos. Police said the man was the intended target, and citizens hope those images will lead to arrests and convictions.

Pride in the police is another emotion being strongly felt in this community. CPD officers followed their training to take control of a chaotic crime scene and save the lives of severely injured victims.

The response of police and other first responders at the scene was a dramatic representation of the value of training—and the value of police. Most of these dedicated public servants spend more time helping those in need than they do protecting society from those in greed.

Anonymous tips can be submitted at cpdtip.com.

Orders to Lumes can be placed at (773) 233-2323.