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Students at Beverly Montessori School enjoy the freedom to act on their surroundings to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. The school has educated more than 2,700 children over more than five decades. For more information or to schedule a tour, call (773) 239-7635 or visit the website at

A love of learning lies within the mind of each child, and igniting that love of learning has been the mission of Beverly Montessori School for more than 50 years.

This preschool with small beginnings has made a huge impact on the community.

Over the last five decades, Beverly Montessori School has educated over 2,700 children. Many of those students became parents who then enrolled their children at the school, and some are now on the staff.

The school truly lives out the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, who held a deep respect for the child and the adult-to-be. She believed every child needs freedom to act on his or her surroundings to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

All the compassionate and dedicated teachers at Beverly Montessori are Montessori certified in early-childhood education, and the staff has a wide range of backgrounds, schooling and experience. Longtime staff members are the foundation of the school’s stability and longevity.

For example, in the past 50 years, the school has employed only three heads of school. Stase Vaisvila, the first head of school, served as the guiding force of the school for 20 years. Virginia Maciulis stepped into the head role serving as head of school for over 20 years after being a teacher.

Now, Kelley Ciraulo, a former student, is the current head of school. During the last five years, she has brought a fresh approach, new energy and modern updates such as the school’s online record keeping and parent-communication tool called “Transparent Classroom” and capital improvements such as a state-of-the-art efficient LED efficient lighting system throughout the school.

Beverly Montessori’s highly credentialed and committed staff has combined years of service totaling over 140 years.

Many of the staff members began their relationship with Beverly Montessori as parents, which demonstrates its connection with families and the impact it has made in people’s lives.

Beverly Montessori School is an important and enduring part of the fabric of the Beverly community. It opened in September 1967, founded as a not-for-profit educational organization by the Barry, Burke, Coffey, Foley and Geary families—caring and engaged neighborhood couples who believed in providing a different kind of preschool education for children in the Beverly area.

Beverly Montessori School offers a dynamic, yet structured, educational and social environment.

Its programs offer orderly “prepared environments,” which invite a child to move and investigate. The child has free choice in the selection and duration of tasks, which are structured for independent activity. These materials are designed to isolate a single concept to be grasped by the child and are inherently self-correcting.

All programs provide activities in the following areas: Practical Life, tasks for caring for oneself, others and our surroundings; Sensorial, opportunities for observation, comparison and classification of the physical world; Math, activities for counting, developing one-to-one correspondence, recognizing numerical symbols, sequencing, place values and mathematical operations; Language, opportunities for development of oral and written communication, with a phonetic approach to written language; and Cultural Subjects, geography, science, art, music and exposure to other places, people, animals and plants emphasizing a respect for all living things, cultures and artistic expressions.

Beverly Montessori School students are also encouraged to be aware of

the needs of others.

During the school year, the children collect money in their personal “peace banks.” The funds are then donated to charities such as UNICEF and an orphanage in Uganda, Africa.

Moreover, Beverly Montessori School celebrates “Our Valentine to the Community,” where, rather than bringing Valentines or treats to school, the children collect nonperishable items for the Maple/Morgan Park Community Food Pantry.

Beverly Montessori School is a member of the American Montessori Society and the Association of Illinois Montessori Schools, which are charged with maintaining the quality of Montessori practice.

The school recognizes and appreciates the sacrifice that families make to send their children to Beverly Montessori. As a result, they are dedicated to providing authentic Montessori early-education for students.

The school is grateful to all of the families, area businesses and civic leaders for their continued support and generosity by way of donations during ourits annual fundraiser.

The strength of ourthe school community is what makes Beverly Montessori School such an amazing place for ourits students and staff alike.

The school’s website has more details at

For more information or to schedule a visit, call (773) 239-7635 or email