The Good News 2019

Nicky’s Grill and Yogurt Oasis is famous for all the South Side favorites of old, but the owners have always kept up with the new.

Since it opened at the corner of 103rd and Western in 1997, Nicky’s has kept its menu fresh by adding items such as healthy salads and light fare, and with its recent addition of Nitro Cold-Brewed Coffee, Matcha Green Tea, and Kombucha, Nicky’s has also made its menu refreshing.

A perfect pick-me-up for a hot summer day, the on-tap nitro Chocolate City from Dark Matter Coffee at Nicky’s is a delicious, velvety cold brew featuring hints of nuts, fruit and chocolate.

LIMITLESS Matcha Green Tea is a refreshing super drink that is rich in antioxidants and caffeine. Matcha green tea provides a stable and extended boost of energy from its combination of caffeine and l-theanine—without the anxious jitters or side effects of traditional

coffee and energy drinks.

When people drink matcha, they ingest the entire leaf and receive 100 percent of its nutrients. Matcha green tea has 137 times more antioxidants than does regularly brewed green tea, and one cup of matcha equals 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea in terms of nutritional content.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that’s naturally effervescent with living probiotics, amino acids, polyphenols and active enzymes. GT’s Gingerberry Kombucha at Nicky’s is bursting with nutrients to support digestion and heart health as well as reinvigorate the mind, body and soul.

Authentically crafted, GT’s Gingerberry Kombucha offers a sweet blend of ripe blueberry and fresh-pressed ginger with organic and raw kombucha. Simply put, it’s a polyphenol powerhouse.

To try Nitro Cold-Brewed Coffee, Matcha Green Tea or Kombucha, stop in at Nicky’s for a free sample!

Located at 10255 S. Western Ave., Nicky’s Grill and Yogurt Oasis has all the Chicago favorites plus items that set Nicky’s apart from other restaurants.

Its made-to-order salads are the best in town and include Tossed, Greek, Caesar Chopped Chicken, Southwest Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Jerk Chicken and Asian Chicken salads.

Vegan and vegetarian items are popular, and Nicky’s has the “Beyond Meat” Veggie Burger. Beyond Meat is the new plant-based protein that satisfies like beef. Nicky’s also has Beyond Meat Sicilian Veggie Sausage and Sweet Italian Veggie Sausage. And Nicky’s uses Beyond Meat for its vegetarian tacos.

It also serves homemade salmon burgers, homemade turkey burgers, and catfish dinners.

Throughout the years, Nicky’s has thrived by paying attention to the little things.

For example, it serves skin-on French fries that are better tasting and better for you. It serve Vienna beef hot dogs with natural casings so its hot dogs taste better and have that snap with each bite.

In addition, Nicky’s is Eco-friendly and is rolling out new biodegradable packaging.

All of Nicky’s items are prepared with only the freshest, high-quality ingredients and are cooked to order. Large portions and fast, friendly service have enabled this family business to serve the community for more than two decades.

Nicky’s was featured on WGN-TV’s “Chicago’s Best” for its Gyros Double Angus Cheeseburger in an episode on Chicago’s Best Burgers.

One item that belongs in the pantheon of amazing eats is the Big Baby: two grilled, one-sixth-pound beef patties, sandwiching American cheese and placed under a generous pile of grilled onions between a sesame-seed bun.

A variety of money-saving combo meals and daily specials are available. Special seasonal menus are also available, such as during Lent when Nicky’s has specials on pepper-and-egg sandwiches and other Lenten meals.

For something cool and creamy, Nicky’s has Columbo gourmet frozen yogurt; it’s world class! Nicky’s offers many delicious flavors and 30 toppings!

Nicky’s serves Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream, and this full-service ice cream and yogurt parlor has cones, scoops, sundaes, shakes, floats, as well as Royal Treats like the Brownie volcano, and Tornadoes.

Customers love to rave about Nicky’s.

“Service, food and the renovations are great, and I’ve been coming here for at least five years,” said one customer. “You have to enjoy a place that offers eight salad options to make you feel guilty when you order a half-pound burger.”

Nicky’s Grill is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday to Friday, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

To place an order or for more information, call (773) 233-3072 or visit the website at