Since 1945, Uhlmann Home Improvement, Inc. has been serving the Chicago area with high-quality products and service.

Thousands of satisfied customers have put their trust in Uhlmann Home Improvement, located at 11636 S. Pulaski Rd., in Alsip.

The company is owned and operated by George Uhlmann. His father, Kurt, a Holocaust survivor, founded the company in 1945 as Kurt Uhlmann Home Improvement from his apartment near 47th Street and Woodlawn Avenue in Chicago.

Kurt used that name for the business until 1959. Based on a suggestion from his accountant, Kurt changed the name of the company to Uhlmann Home Improvement and moved the operation to Mt. Greenwood, at 3512 W. 111th St., as a way to enable his children to more easily become involved in the business.

Kurt proved to be accurate in his thinking as George took over the company in 1992.

Over the years, George has provided a wide variety of remodeling services.

His company’s services include the sales and installation of quality products such as windows, doors, awnings, siding, gutters, glass-block windows, screened-in patio coves, and Sun Setter awnings.

What customers really appreciate is that, while supplying all of his many products, Uhlmann Home Improvement’s installation expertise means they don’t have to worry about calling for service to fix an installation.

As a result, Uhlmann’s service calls are minimal.

Local customers continued to rely on Uhlmann Home Improvement for their remodeling needs year after year. This is a testament to the great care and pride the company puts into its work.

Many of the calls Uhlmann receives are from homeowners who are experiencing a problem with a home improvement project from a contractor they recently hired.

George has seen many of these situations over the decades, and he is glad to help these homeowners.

“My experience has shown that 85 percent of the problems are from poor installation methods, and 15 percent are from inferior products,” George said. “With all the recent heavy storms this year, we have not had one callback for any problems such as siding, fascia or gutters coming off the house. And many of these jobs are projects we completed 30 to 40 years ago.”

Uhlmann Home Improvement customers know they are assured of getting the best installation using only high-quality products, and they tell their family and friends to give Uhlmann Home Improvement a call.

Uhlmann sells only top-quality products like CertainTeed siding. CertainTeed is the Number-One choice for building professionals for 21 years in a row.

CertainTeed has one of the best color-fade warranties in the business and also one of the largest color selections.

Uhlmann Home Improvement also offers Gekko gutter guards, which are made from .024 gauge aluminum with surgical-grade stainless-steel mesh for both 5-inch and 6-inch gutters.

With Gekko Gutters Guards, homeowners never have to clean out their gutters! They are the best on the market, and Uhlmann has already installed many Gekko gutter guards for his customers in the neighborhood.

Gekko provides a 20-year warranty. Call Uhlmann for a free brochure.

The staff at Uhlmann only uses the thickest gutters, .032, as well as oversized downspouts (3x4) that help the flow of water and keep debris from clogging downspouts.

The company also offers LP Smart Siding, which comes in a wide selection of colors that last many years in Chicago’s harsh hot-and-cold environment.

All of Uhlmann’s siding products are offered with various types of house wrap such as Tyvek and insulation boards of various thicknesses to help to keep energy costs low.

As can be seen in its advertisements in The Beverly Review, Uhlmann Home Improvement has many new products to offer such as jalousie storm doors, pet doors for patio doors, storm doors with wood stain by Home Guard, entry and storm doors—all with new styles to choose from.

Last June, the federal government enacted a law that requires all windows to be constructed using glass that has a .30 U-factor. Fortunately, windows from Uhlmann, which are provided by Solution Windows, go beyond the law and have a U factor of .28 or lower.

They also offer windows with Neat Glass self-cleaning glass that provide a new level of convenience for homeowners.

Uhlmann Home Improvement, Inc., is one of the oldest home improvement companies in the Chicago area. It was voted Best for Home Improvement in the Chicago Southland for 2018, and it has a “certified A rating” with Angie’s List.

In January 2020, Uhlmann Home Improvement will celebrate 75th anniversary. As a way of saying thank you to its future and past customers, the company will have anniversary promotions with special savings.

George and his staff take pride in serving their customers and the neighborhoods they live in, and right now, Uhlmann Home Improvement is offering special savings as well as Uhlmann’s everyday senior discounts.

For a free in-home estimate, call George at Uhlmann Home Improvement, (773) 238-1829, or visit the website at