Marquette Bank, located at 9858 S. Western Ave., remains one of Chicago’s last true independent and local neighborhood banks.

As more local banks disappear through mergers with much larger financial institutions—many based far away in other states or in Canada—Marquette Bank has stayed true to its roots as a modern, local bank for neighbors, families and business owners.

More mobile & digital options

The bank continues to innovate its mobile banking and digital options for customers while still keeping branches open. This year, Marquette Bank added the option to turn off and on your debit card from your mobile phone; it’s added Zelle, which allows you to easily send money to friends/family digitally with your mobile phone; and it has launched a Personal Finance function that allows you to consolidate all your financial accounts to show you a complete view of your finances on your phone or computer so that you can track your spending and budget more easily.

Marquette Bank has also gotten rid of ATM fees by offering over 40,000 free ATMs nationwide, including ATMs at most local Walgreens, CVS, Costco, Target and Speedway locations.

More rewards—

it pays three ways!

The bank’s FunRewards program, originally launched in 2002, rewards you for making signature debit card transactions by giving you points redeemable for cash deposits into your checking account.

It also offers checking referral rewards—a $50 gift card for you and a $50 gift card for the new customer who opens and uses a new checking account.

Plus, Marquette Bank is the only local bank to offer a new package of benefits automatically included in its FunRewards checking: 24/7 roadside assistance ($80 up to four times per year); cell phone protection ($400 up to two times per year); ID theft aid (up to $2,500 reimbursement to restore your identity) with unlimited access to fraud resolution/ID theft specialists; and even a mobile app loaded with hundreds of local discounts/savings from stores, restaurants and merchants—like 10 percent off at Jansen’s Drive-In in Beverly. Marquette Bank over delivers on value and rewards.

More local loans

The local bank model is simple: treat people fairly; collect local deposits and lend the money back out to local families buying homes, local businesses to grow and local developers to build the community. In this way, your money goes to work in the neighborhood strengthening our local economy.

Marquette Bank was recently named Best Real Estate Mortgage Lender by the Southwest Choice Awards for its efforts in residential lending and its first-time homebuyer assistance program (money toward down-payment and closing costs).

The bank also launched a new small-business lending program that offers quick loans up to $250,000 to established local businesses.

So far this year, 30 loans were made totaling almost $8 million.

More neighborhood commitment

Last year, bank employees completed over 72 individual community service projects and supported over 240 neighborhood organizations focused on making a difference in four areas of need: shelter, hunger, education and health/wellness.

This year, the Marquette Bank Education Foundation awarded scholarships of $2,500 to 56 Chicagoland students from high schools in the bank’s market area.

Since 1968, the scholarship program has awarded more than $3.4 million to over 1,770 students.

Marquette Bank has received nine consecutive “Outstanding” Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) ratings from the Federal Reserve Bank, which puts Marquette Bank in the Top 1 percent of all banks in the entire nation for CRA performance.

More value for customers, community and local companies 

Here is the good news: Marquette Bank continues to look for new ways to help and add value for neighbors, the neighborhood and local businesses.

This modern neighborhood bank embraces new banking technology while still retaining the personal attention in banking. Marquette Bank does great things in the community and is looking forward to helping more people achieve their financial ambitions.

For more information, drop by the Marquette Bank branch at 99th Street and Western Avenue or visit the website at