The Good News 2019

McAuley girls are everywhere, but just who is a McAuley Girl?

She is anything but typical. She is kind and compassionate. She is a problem-solver and a future-ready leader. She doesn’t just fit in; she stands out. Empowered by Mother McAuley’s dynamic curricular offerings and talented faculty, she steps out of her comfort zone to discover her best self at McAuley.

It’s no surprise, that with 28,000 alumnae worldwide, Mother McAuley has remained a pioneer in educating young women from across the Chicago area in the Mercy tradition for more than 170 years. 

A McAuley Girl enjoys limitless opportunities.

Single-gender does not just mean separating boys and girls. It ensures girls take center stage in all aspects of their educational career. It is the robust mix of the community, the culture and the support McAuley offers that shapes the all-girl education into such a transformative and powerful experience. Leadership is developed and encouraged in class, extra-curriculars, service and athletics. There are no limits to what McAuley Girls can learn and achieve. 

A McAuley Girl is a learner and a leader who defines her own self.

McAuley offers the best combination of a college-prep curriculum and liberal arts program, one that is a mix of innovation, which teaches students to think critically and communicate their thoughts and reasoning clearly, and with a rigorous curriculum that raises the bar for academic success. 

Novel programs introduce students to the real-world application of ideas and materials. McAuley is one of the first all-girls schools in the nation to forge a partnership with the Amazon Future Engineers program. This promotes additional STEM courses and puts students on the ground floor for internship and scholarship opportunities.

And, the new Advice Beyond the Classroom program connects business executives with students to assist them with time management, interviewing and goal setting. Students gain exposure to career paths in a variety of roles, from the lab to the classroom, from the boardroom to the C-suite. 

A McAuley Girl takes center stage and creates masterpieces.

McAuley’s renowned visual and fine arts programs allow girls to explore their creativity and express themselves artistically. State-of-the-art facilities, equipment and esteemed faculty provide the perfect environment for McAuley Girls to gain the confidence to star in its musicals, build sets for its productions, design the yearbook, decorate the hallways with original artwork, and fill many hearts with music. Experiential learning programs through four study abroad trips each year, which allow the students to see what they’re studying come to life.

A McAuley Girl is guided by rich Mercy traditions.

McAuley is committed to the Catholic faith and rooted in Mercy principles. Students deepen their faith and are challenged to grow both spiritually and personally. Each student develops her own character through her classes, service experiences, retreats, and by planning and leading school Masses. Last year, McAuley Girls completed more than 17,000 hours of service.

A McAuley Girl says yes to new experiences to do something new, meet someone new and make a difference.

There are 37 clubs and organizations offering opportunities to cultivate leadership. Clubs are student led, and students can propose new clubs if there is an interest.

McAuley athletes play like girls to win like champions. The school’s athletic program has a rich history of producing championship teams and celebrated players. There are 428 student athletes, and many playing more than one sport! Eighteen graduates in the class of 2019 signed to play their sport at the collegiate level.

A McAuley Girl is future-ready.

The collaborative classroom environment and updated communal spaces are reflective of what McAuley Girls will encounter at colleges/universities and in the workplace. Renovated facilities complement a comprehensive four-year college-counseling program to guide and prepare students and their families for the college application and decision process. 100 percent of McAuley students are accepted into college, and the class of 2019 was awarded $50 million in college scholarships, reaffirming that McAuley Girls with dreams become women with vision.

Elementary school girls are invited to visit McAuley and be inspired to write their own McAuley story. They, too, can be a leader, an innovator, a champion and a force for good.

Important Dates

Be sure to save these important dates: Mother McAuley Open House, Sept. 29, Nov. 7 and Dec. 5; Girls Night Out, Oct. 18; and the high school entrance exam, Dec. 7.

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