Lots of options exist across Chicago sports, but in all sports and levels, who were you always rooting for? Readers of The Beverly Review e-mailed their opinions.

For me, I can’t pick a single athlete.

I grew up watching and loving Michael Jordan and the Bulls and Frank Thomas and the White Sox. I loved the stars, but I always gravitated toward the supporting players, the role players. So, my favorite athletes were Ozzie Guillen and Steve Kerr. Even as a kid, I could appreciate the flair that Guillen displayed on the field. As for Kerr, he gave me hope that I could play in the NBA. Unfortunately, I came up a bit short on that goal.

“Former Chicago Bears legend and current Detroit Lion quarterback Chase Daniel.

“I’ll never forget that 2018 November day when he completed 27 of 37 pass attempts for 230 yards with 2 touchdowns to lead the Bears to victory over Detroit on Thanksgiving.

“But, my Chase Daniel fandom didn’t start there, it begins when he stepped in for an injured Brad Smith and led the Missouri Tigers to a comeback overtime victory against Iowa State in 2005. I enjoyed watching him shatter the Mizzou record books and helping the Tigers to a No.-1 ranking in the nation during his storybook career.”

—Jason Y. from Columbia, Mo.

“With so many great athletes in Chicago sports history, you’d think this would be a hard decision. However, this pick was pretty easy for me. It’s got to be Walter Payton.

“I was in high school when his career started in 1975. He was the main reason to watch the Bears during the lean years. My friends, family and I would marvel watching him. There are many highlights, including one amazing run versus the Chiefs—Google it.

“Payton seemed indestructible and only missed one game (in his rookie season) during his entire career. That’s amazing.

“Sweetness finally won a Super Bowl with the Bears, famously not scoring a touchdown. I always felt bad for him; the team should have made sure he scored, but I’m pretty sure he was elated to be a Super Bowl champ.

“I’ll never forget Nov. 1, 1999. I’d just finished golfing and turned on the car radio. After hearing the news [of his death], I couldn’t drive for a while, something in my eyes.”

—Steve M. from La Grange

On next week’s “What’s Your Favorite?” …

In honor of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary series about the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, what is your favorite Michael Jordan moment?

Is it the clincher against the Jazz, the winner over Craig Ehlo, the free-throw-line dunk, the 3-point barrage against Portland, the acrobatic layup against the Lakers? Something else?

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