Special Olympics Power Lifting

Local Mt. Greenwood Special Olympics athletes delivered huge performances on Feb. 22 at the District Special Olympic Power Lifting Competition at the Quest Center while competing in the bench press, deadlift and squat. Area finishers in their individual classes included Andrew Andersen (1st in bench, 2nd in deadlift), Matt Buck (1st in bench and deadlift), Jason Clancy (1st deadlift, 3rd bench), Dan Fahey (1st deadlift, 5th bench), Ryan Gaynor (1st in bench and squat, 2nd in deadlift), Sean Hurley (2nd in bench and deadlift), Christine Kelly (2nd deadlift, 5th bench), Christopher King (1st deadlift, 2nd bench), Joe Moran (2nd deadlift, 4th bench), Peter O’Malley (1st deadlift, 2nd bench), Michael Rudd (2nd deadlift, 3rd bench), Brandon Salazar (1st deadlift, 2nd bench), Sebastian Scala (5th in bench and deadlift), Thomas Schoenecker (1st bench, 2nd deadlift), Nate Simon (1st in bench and deadlift), Thomas Strack (1st squat, 3rd bench, 4th deadlift) and Ben Wirtz (3rd in bench and deadlift). (photo courtesy of Michael Rudd)