Liam O'Mahony Senior Spotlight

Mt. Carmel

Town: Beverly (St. John Fisher)

Sport: Volleyball, Football

College: Marquette University

“I am really disappointed with the cancellation of the volleyball season this year. Once the football season ended, I had my eyes set on March and couldn’t wait until I was able to get back in the gym with all my teammates. Everyone from the program was very excited, especially because it looked to be one of our best teams in recent memory.

“At Mt. Carmel, we were never one of the premier programs in the state, but we were proud that we were getting better as the season went on and the years passed. My junior year, the team did what the program had not been able to do in five years, win a regional championship. That was probably my favorite moment playing Mt. Carmel volleyball.

“My sophomore year we lost in the regional final. We were disappointed with the way the season ended. That’s why finally getting over the hump and winning a regional was such a huge accomplishment for us. We were all so excited because we knew that we could hang with some of the better teams in the state.

“I can easily say that turning around the program can be attributed to our great new coaches, Dominic Villa and Brooks Nevrly. They were a breath of fresh air for the program, and all our players really enjoyed playing for them.

“I also think that our seniors, Teddy Bracewell, Charlie Zwick and I, helped out a lot with getting our team over the hump. We tried our best to stay positive and work through the challenges and adversity that a season brings. Some of our young guys, like Blayr Young and Jack Butcher, had shown crazy improvement since last season. Seeing it taken away is really hard to deal with.

“I hope the Illinois High School Association figures out some sort of Senior Day during the summer so that all the seniors can have a good send-off since a good amount of us won’t be playing in college.

“Through club volleyball and just being around volleyball for the last four years, I’ve met a lot of good people who deserve to have a last hurrah before we all go away to college.”