St Barnabas eighth grade athletes

The St. Barnabas Elementary School eighth-grade girls athletics teams capped off a hugely successful year with Southside Catholic Conference championships in basketball, volleyball and golf. The basketball team also won the South Suburban Basketball League. The basketball team includes Rachel Jendra, Mary Kate Sheehan, Julieta Tracy, Grace O’Keefe, Natalie McKenna, Maureen Regan, Maura Reidy, Elle King and Tess Hayes. The volleyball team includes Jendra, O’Keefe, McKenna, Georgia Lausch, Reid, Najwa Williams, Nicolette Bennett, Sheehan and Hayes. The golf team includes Grace LaGiglia, Mary McGuire, Hannah McNamara, Kelly Lisanti, Molly Reidy and Lila Konrath. (photo courtesy of St. Barnabas)