Martin Murray Senior Spotlight

Br. Rice

Town: Mt. Greenwood

Sport: Rugby

College: St. Xavier University

“It’s tough not being able to compete this year. You train extremely hard every season, but senior year is the big one.

“After having the chance to play up on the varsity level last year, I was looking forward to utilizing my experience in helping Br. Rice compete for its 10th state ring. I wanted the chance to compete for back-to-back championships.

“One of the first things the senior class said to the coaches at the start of the offseason was that we wanted to continue the hard-nosed style of rugby that Br. Rice is known for and return to state. We all trained so hard during the offseason, and to have it stripped away by something we can’t control is tough.

“We all kept in shape the best we could going into quarantine with the intent that we would play again, and when the announcement came out that the season was officially called off, the team was down.

“It was far from an ideal way to go out, but I’ve had some memories with Br. Rice rugby that will stay with me for a lifetime. I’ve won two state rings, met all kinds of interesting people, and I’ve played against some great competition.

“I’d especially like to thank our coaches, Sean and Jack Sullivan, for all they’ve done for this program throughout the years, particularly in the past year with helping bring a state championship back to Br. Rice. However, at the end of the day, we lost a season. It’s a game we all miss, but at the same time, there are people across the world right now fighting for their lives.

“I’d like to thank all the essential workers out there who go all out every day to help everyone. I pray this virus can end soon and that some sense of normality can be reestablished and athletes of all levels can get back to the games we love so much.”