Game of the Week lunch

News editor Kyle Garmes receives his free lunch at America’s Dog & Burger  after defeating Sports Editor Tim O’Brien in last year’s Game of the Week bet. (Review photo)

I’m a man of my word.

As the staff of The Beverly Review planned high school sports coverage for the 2018-19 season, I was talking with Editor Kyle Garmes about our weekly Game of the Week.

We pick the winner of games on the schedule each week and compile our overall records to see who wins.

So, I proposed, why not place a little food wager on the season-long competition?

After a long season and some crazy postseason moments, Kyle squeaked out the win, compiling an 84-21 record to my 80-25 record.

Kyle’s win earned him a hot dog of his choice, a drink and a side at America’s Dog & Burger (ADB), 9646 S. Western Ave., in Evergreen Park.

Now, my 2019-20 Revenge Tour begins. I must avenge that loss. Also, I need more hot dogs in my diet.

Let the season-long football craziness continue!