We’re all missing baseball right now, so what better way to pass some time than baseball movies? We asked readers of The Beverly Review to e-mail the staff with their favorite flicks from America’s pastime. Here’s what they’ve been watching.

Tim O’Brien: Let me tell ya; 1989 was a heck of a year for baseball movies with both “Field of Dreams” and “Major League” my two favorite baseball flicks.

“Field of Dreams” is just a gem, with Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta and a great supporting cast stealing the show. And, that ending—man, it’s perfect.

“Major League” is a classic. Too many quotable lines to mention, many of them not safe for print, with a screwball cast of players saving a lost season for the Cleveland Indians. As for the sequels, “Major League II” is a mess but a good movie. “Major League: Back to the Minors” … they probably should have ended that story after two.

Readers’ answers

“‘Bang the Drum Slowly’ and ‘The Natural.’ Roger Ebert said it best about ‘Drum.’ It wasn’t as much a movie about sports as it was about those ‘elusive subjects, male bonding and work in America.’ It succeeds brilliantly, as most movies do with Robert De Niro. As for ‘The Natural,’ it sneaks in the true-life story of Eddie Waitkus, the baseball player shot by a stalker, in a beautifully filmed and scored movie that is otherwise baseball fantasy on par with ‘Damn Yankees.’”

—Tim C. from Worth

“My favorite baseball movie is ‘Little Big League,’ an epic tale of a 12-year-old taking control of the Minnesota Twins after his grandpa leaves him the team. Although it may be one of the best baseball movies, it is often overlooked, much like the ‘appreciation of the intricacies of the water balloon.’ Oh, and ‘Mac, the horse’s name was Friday.’”

—Jason Y. from Columbia, Mo.

“I don’t know why, but it seems hard to take a ‘bad’ baseball movie. Off the beaten path are two of my favorites. First one is from 1992, Tom Selleck’s “Mr. Baseball.” It’s a good telling of a clash of cultures. Selleck is a fish out of water and dealing with new ways of approaching life and baseball [as an American playing baseball in Japan].

“Movie No.-2 is 1999’s offering from Kevin Costner, ‘For the Love of the Game.’ It’s a well-played story of an aging athlete trying to hold on to the game and falling in love [in his personal life]. I could watch Costner play baseball players all day.”

—Mike J. from Elwood

This week’s ‘What’s Your Favorite?’ is a timely one.

I know I’ve been going through my stuff at home with all this free time, finding autographs, ticket stubs, souvenirs and baseball cards. What’s the coolest piece of sports memorabilia you have?

Send your answer (and a picture if you can) to tobrien10@gmail.com with a short explanation and where you’re from.