De La Salle

LaCoco is a 5’8” setter/right side hitter for the Meteors volleyball team. She has been on the varsity since her freshman year. As a team captain in her junior year, LaCoco finished with 329 assists 179 kills, 169 digs, 41 aces and 32 blocks as the Meteors advanced to a Class 3A supersectional. A Canaryville resident and Bridgeport Catholic Academy graduate, LaCoco recently committed to Western Illinois University.

What appealed to you about Western Illinois?

“I loved their coach [Ben Staupe]. He was really easy to talk to, and the players really feel like they’re part of a family. I visited the school and absolutely loved the campus. We went out to lunch in Macomb, and an older couple at the restaurant started talking to us and bought our lunch. They were super-nice. I decided to commit that day.”

How much are you looking forward to your senior year?

“I’ve thought about it a lot, having my senior season. It’d be really sad not to get a chance to play. It looks like we’re moving in the right direction to Stage 4, so hopefully we’ll be able to practice soon. Coming in as a senior, I want to work with the underclassmen and keep us together as a team. We want to maintain that good team bond. I always looked up to the seniors, and now I want to be in that spot.”

How did you stay busy in the quarantine?

“I did so much. I went on bike rides through the neighborhood, some movies, some reading, babysat my little cousin, and I cooked dinner a lot.”

Have you always been a cook?

“I started cooking more during the quarantine. My dad would bring pizza dough home from [LaCoco’s Pizza & Wings], and we’d make that from scratch at home. A little bit of everything, pizza, pasta, pulled pork, breaded chicken with asparagus.”

Are you a baker, too?

“I grew up baking a lot with my grandma. Our specialty was always Italian cookies. I find recipes on Instagram and try and make anything that looks good.”

Do you have a favorite TV show?

“’Grey’s Anatomy,’ I watched it all through the quarantine. There has got to be 16 seasons. I watched on Netflix. I binge-watched a lot. I’m into the 15th season.”

What’s your favorite pizza?

“I’m probably a little biased, but LaCoco’s has really good pizza. I like Falco’s, too. I usually just go with a cheese pizza. Straight cheese, keep it simple. I like brick oven pizza, too, where I can get a Margherita pizza.”

Who is your favorite superhero?

“They’re all so good. I’ll go with Thor. Chris Hemsworth is the best. His powers are pretty cool. He’s literally a god. You can’t beat that.”

What is your favorite holiday?

“Halloween. I like that it’s one day a year where everybody can dress as something different. My grandma made me a mermaid costume when I was little. It had scales and everything. That was my favorite costume.”

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

“I love breakfast. I always have avocado toast. No eggs, just the avocado on toast. Keep it simple.”

What appeals to you about volleyball?

“I have always liked the speed of the game. It’s a team sport. You can’t just rely on yourself. It’s a collective thing with your team. If you make a mistake, you can shake it off. You can come back and win because there are so many ups and downs. The excitement, the adrenaline in a match, I feel nauseous after matches sometimes just because of the adrenaline.”