St. Ignatius

Hynes is a 5’6” senior libero and three-year varsity player for the St. Ignatius volleyball team. Helping the Wolfpack reach a Class 3A sectional championship match, Hynes was an anchor of the team’s defense, piling up 465 digs. She is a Mt. Greenwood resident and a St. Christina Elementary School graduate. Her older sister, Grace, is a sophomore at the University of Chicago, and her twin sister, Janie, is a senior at Mother McAuley.

What are your thoughts on the fall season?

“Hopefully, we can do a season. It’s encouraging because Illinois seems to be on the right track and is one of the better states right now [concerning the coronavirus]. Even if it’s no tournaments, just a conference schedule and regular season in empty gyms, that’s something I’m open to.”

A big match in an empty gym would be pretty crazy, wouldn’t it?

“As a team, we want to be together. An empty gym would be an interesting dynamic, especially for a heated rivalry, even if no one is cheering you on. I’m excited about how strong our offense can be with McKenzie Washington, Kate Randall and Kiya Levy all back.”

As a defensive player, do you have an all-time favorite dig?

“I don’t have one dig, but our last match last year versus Nazareth was so much fun. There were just so many big plays, and everyone was scrambling and hustling to keep the ball up.”

How do you train yourself to defend a laser of a hit?

“It starts in practice. We have some strong hitters, and they don’t go all easy on us. They’re laying it all out there trying to put the ball down. Playing defense versus them is the best form of preparation. We get to prepare for every shot.”

When it comes to the Hynes sisters, who’s the most competitive?

“We were all raised to be pretty competitive. Growing up, Janie and I would play 2-on-1 basketball against Grace in the backyard. Grace would always say ‘Hey, come on, let’s play!’ There would be some sort of incentive if we beat her. We’d rough each other up some, a shove here or a double-team there, but when everybody is all-around competitive, it makes it much more fun.”

Any favorite Fourth of July traditions?

“No big traditions, but my dad usually grills some burgers, some hot dogs. We’ll watch the fireworks in the neighborhood. People have been doing that for weeks, but as a family, we usually keep it pretty casual.”

What’s your favorite holiday?

“Definitely Thanksgiving, we always have it at my house. I love cleaning and prepping the house, all the good food and memories. It’s just a lot of nostalgia and good memories. My favorite is mashed potatoes and gravy, and my aunt makes a vegetable casserole that is just amazing. For dessert, pumpkin pie with some whipped cream. My mom makes these dream bars, too, coconuts, graham crackers, chocolate chips and almonds. I could eat about 40 of those.”

Movie fan or binge on TV shows?

“I go through phases. I’ll watch a whole show and binge my way through, and other times I just watch movies. I have a pretty big range for movies. I really liked ‘Parasite.’ It was so good, love it. I like fictional movies that have realistic, real-life themes. That one was so mind-blowing, a rollercoaster.”

What’s your go-to pizza?

“Nino’s Pizza, it’s the perfect pizza. The cheese-to-sauce ratio is perfect, and I love the crust. We’d always go there after basketball championships growing up, so there’s some nostalgia. I usually go normal cheese, but they have a New York-style pizza that’s good. too.”

Who’s your celebrity prom date?

“If I had a choice, I’d say Timothee Chalamet.”

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

“I’m probably the biggest breakfast fan you’ve ever met. I love a good sandwich, a bacon, egg and cheese or a skillet. I love that stuff. We used to go to Magic [in Mt. Greenwood] after church on Sunday. It’s Bacon and Jam now. I love both. If somebody suggests a new breakfast place, I’m there.”

What’s the coolest vacation you’ve taken?

“I love road trips, packing up the car and just going. We’re a big national parks family. The best trip, we went to South Dakota and saw the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, stopped in Jackson Hole, went to Las Vegas and then the Grand Canyon. I loved that trip. It was so beautiful.”