Tony Lundy is a senior bowler for Br. Rice. He has been on the varsity team since his freshman season, including qualifying for the state tournament as a sophomore when he finished 55th. Lundy is a Mt. Greenwood resident and a graduate of Mt. Greenwood Elementary School. He is still deciding about his collegiate future, but he wants to continue bowling at the next level.

How has your winter gone without bowling?

“Not too well, but it’s OK. Bowling in the high school season is something I really look forward to, especially for my senior year. Now it’s school, school and school. With the bowling alleys closed, we’re not able to play or practice. I work at Arena Lanes in Oak Lawn, too, so it’s been tough.”

What’s your bowling background?

“My dad [Phil] has always been big on bowling. When I was growing up, I’d watch him play, so I’ve loved it since I was little. It developed from there when I experienced it and played it for myself.”

So, it’s in the blood?

“My grandma was a big bowler, too. She passed away when my dad was pretty young. He took it on himself and kind of taught himself, developed it for himself. He didn’t bowl professionally or anything, but he’s good. He had that interest.”

Feeling confident about being allowed to play your senior season?

“I don’t know. Bowling isn’t a high-risk sport, so there is a good chance we compete with some regulations and guidelines. There’s more space at the lanes, and it’s not as big a risk like football or basketball. Just to get out on the lanes, that would mean a lot.”

What’s Christmas like around your house?

“We all celebrate Christmas where we try and do everything early [shopping and decorating]. Most of the time, though, we end up doing things last-minute, especially shopping, and cram it all in. If we do early shopping, it’s never enough presents, so we go back out. My list is done, though. I took care of it all Black Friday.”

Any absolute must-do Christmas traditions?

“We bake a lot—a lot. Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, we’re always baking something around the house. My favorite is probably the fudge brownies that we make with chocolate chips inside. My mom [Christina] is the baker. We help.”

Christmas Eve or Christmas to open presents?

“We usually do presents on Christmas morning and then again in the afternoon with my grandpa. We always get some clothes, something fun.”

What’s the best present you’ve ever received?

“Definitely a new bowling ball, my dad got it for me last year. My birthday is Dec. 17, so I always get something good for my birthday and Christmas, too. It was a Storm Phaze II ball, a really high-end ball.”

Who wraps the presents in your house?

“Usually me and my Mom do. We wrap some early, some little intervals, but we used to wrap them all on Christmas Eve. That would take the longest time, though, so we stopped doing that.”

Best Christmas movie?

“‘Home Alone’ and ‘The Grinch,’ with Jim Carrey.”

Favorite Christmas carol?

“‘The 12 Days of Christmas,’ but I like the quicker version.”

Where do you celebrate Christmas?

“The family usually comes here, usually on my dad’s side. It’s not a ton of people, my aunt, uncle and cousins.”

What about the Christmas menu?

“Usually ham and turkey, green beans, potatoes, stuffing, all that stuff—pumpkin pie for dessert, too. Usually we get it from Baker’s Square.”

Any Christmas/holiday pet peeves?

“Mariah Carey. It’s a good song [‘All I Want for Christmas’], but you hear it so much. I was at the mall the other day and heard it in two different stores. You can’t go anywhere without hearing it.”

Does the last-minute shopping include decorations?

“We try to do it the week after Thanksgiving. The tree has the angel on top, ornaments, but the ornaments are like family memorabilia, stuff we’ve made.”