Rylie Galvin is a 5’7” junior guard on the St. Laurence girls basketball team. She is a Mt. Greenwood resident and St. Catherine of Alexandria Elementary School graduate. Galvin has been a starter for the Vikings since her freshman season and averaged 7.3 points, 5.2 rebounds, 2.1 steals and 1.5 assists as a sophomore. All Illinois High School Association sports, including basketball, are currently on pause.

How has your winter gone with hybrid learning and no basketball?

“We’ve been doing this so long, it almost feels like the new normal. It’s been a little rough. Everything is still up in the air. We’re hoping we still have a season, even if it is moved. We’re trying to stay positive.”

Any predictions on the season?

“If anything, maybe play over the summer, but that will cause problems, too. Gym time and everything else, I don’t even know.”

With no workouts/practices allowed, are you able to keep in touch with your teammates?

“We’re trying to stay in touch as much as possible. We’ve always got a group chat going, and I’ll talk at school in the hallways with teammates. It’s rough not being together for practices and at games.”

The St. Laurence varsity team doesn’t have any seniors on the roster. As a junior, do you feel like you need to step into a leadership role?

“Yeah, I’m definitely trying to just stay positive. No one knows what’s going to happen. I want to be a leader and look on the bright side. When it was nicer out, we’d get together and shoot around outside. It’s tougher now that it’s been colder.”

How were your holidays?

“They were good. We just had a little get-together with immediate family. On my dad’s side of the family, we have a ton of cousins. We usually get together with them. I got a bunch of stuff for Christmas. It was fun.”

Are you a fan of the winter season?

“I don’t mind the winter weather, but I like the heat and summer better.”

With no hoops, what are you doing to stay busy?

“I’ll watch TV, go out on runs, and I’m baking a lot, too. I’ll scroll through Netflix and Hulu, watch movies, anything. I liked ‘Teen Wolf.’ I watched that on Hulu. It was pretty good. I like documentaries, too. There’s so many serial-killer documentaries. I’ll watch food shows, too.”

If you’re baking, what’s your go-to dessert?

“I bake a lot. I’d say cupcakes. We’ve done some pretty intense, pretty fancy cupcakes. My favorite that I’ve made, we did caramel apple cupcakes. I grew up baking a lot with my grandma [Janice]. She lived down the block from us, so we’d go over and bake something with her all the time.”

What are your favorite cooking/baking shows?

“I like ‘Cake Wars’ and ‘Chopped,’ too. I always like to see what they’re making.”

Shifting from desserts to pizza. What’s your go-to pizza?

“Wiseguys Pizza. I like their cheese-to-sauce ratio. My favorite topping is pepperoni. I’ll dip the crust in ranch dressing, too. It’s really good.”

How about movies? What’s a favorite?

“I like watching all the Marvel movies. I’ve seen them all. ‘Captain America’ is my favorite. I love his movies. I like all of them, but the original six ‘Avengers’ are my favorite. ‘Endgame’ was a pretty good end.”

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?

“I’d probably say flying.”

What are some fun family traditions in the Galvin house?

“Our family is really close. We always do a big vacation over the summer. We’ll all rent a big house and just hang out, usually somewhere different every year. I liked Gatlinburg in Tennessee and Virginia Beach. My dad is one of eight siblings, so there’s about 40 cousins. It’s a lot of fun.”

Do you watch a lot of basketball in your free time?

“I watch a lot of college basketball. My favorite player is Sydney Wood at Northwestern. She’s a [junior] guard/forward who plays all over. I really like watching her play. My freshman year at St. Laurence, we went to a Northwestern home game. It was so much fun.”

Once things get back to normal, what are you looking forward to most?

“I miss my schedule and being busy. I feel like I’m trying to fill time now.”

Who’s your funniest teammate? Goofiest teammate?

“Funniest is Emma Lotus. She’s just got a funny personality. Goofiest is Abbey Pochie. She’ll come out of nowhere, and she’s just funny, too.”

Any goals for the season, whenever it is played?

“We just want to play as a team and improve. That’s how you win and compete, making each other better. We know that it’s up in the air and that things will be different.”