Mt. Greenwood Post Office

The United States Postal Service (USPS) station in Mt. Greenwood, 3349 W. 111th St. (Review file photo)

Congresswoman Marie Newman (D-3rd) and 19th Ward Ald. Matt O’Shea announced new efforts to address the local postal delays that local constituents have experienced over the past several months.

Following a meeting with Chicago United States Postal Service (USPS) leadership, in which Newman and O’Shea demanded leadership reach a solution to better track service delays, USPS has now announced two new hotlines designated for residents serviced by Chicago’s Mount Greenwood and Morgan Park post offices.

Newman announced the changes in a June 15 press release.

“Postal mail is indispensable to many of our constituents, as they rely on the service for medicine, bills, tax refunds and other essential documents. However, for far too long, the residents of Mt. Greenwood and Morgan Park have experienced some of the worst postal delays not only in Chicago but across the entire country. Since day one of being in Congress, I have been fighting to find real, long-term solutions to address these service issues and ensure our local postal service regains the public trust and truly delivers for its constituents,” Newman said. “While we are heartened to see this new pilot project in our communities, we will continue to meet every month with local USPS leadership to hold them accountable and ensure these solutions are working for our constituents.” 

“I appreciate Congresswoman Newman and the United States Postal Service leadership working together to improve our postal service,” said O’Shea. “This hotline will be a welcome option to residents as we continue to work on long term solutions.”

Residents who live in the service areas of the Mt Greenwood and Morgan Park post offices and have not received mail in one business day or more can now call the USPS hotlines to report the issue and expect to receive their backlogged mail on the next business day. This new hotline pilot project is specific to these two offices and available only to residents serviced by them. The lines are staffed live during business hours and voicemails are expected to be responded to within the next 24 hours. If you reside in the service area of either the Mount Greenwood or Morgan Park post office and are experiencing postal issues, you can call the following hotlines:

Mt. Greenwood: (312) 983-8135

Morgan Park: (312) 983-8092

Last month, Newman and O’Shea convened a meeting with Chicago USPS leadership for a conversation about severe service and delivery issues at the Mount Greenwood and Morgan Park post offices, which have consistently ranked within the worst-performing post offices in the country based on a host of internal USPS metrics. To ensure that these latest corrective actions prove effective, Newman has established new monthly recurring meetings with the USPS leadership to monitor the status of service and continue collaborating on productive solutions.

In addition to this latest pilot project, USPS has hired 370 new postal carriers since Feb. 27. Approximately a third of those new carriers are fully trained and active while the remaining two-thirds are in the pipeline.

A full story will appear in the June 23 issue of The Beverly Review.